I do everything I can to provide the best possible service to all my clients. I would love to heal the world, but unfortunately I only have 24 hours in the day, like everyone else! When a client fails to make their appointment, or cancels at the last minute, that time slot is wasted and another client can't get in the door, potentially one that really needed some work done that day. 

 Given this fact , I require a 24 HOUR cancellation notice. If a client cancels without sufficient notice, I request that 50% of the agreed upon fee be paid regardless. I charge full price for a NO SHOW, NO CALL. This fee must be paid before further appointments can be made. GIFT Certificates or coupons are voided by failing to make your appointment or cancel without sufficient notice.

Of course I understand that life is complicated. In the event of reasonable unexpected life events, I will consider waiving this policy. Please call to see if we can work something out. This policy is in place to encourage common courtesy for my time. If I don't have someone on my table I'm not getting paid.

Thank you for your consideration!

Lisa Marshall LMT